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Quality well pump repair services in Humansville

Water pump getting water from a tap

Pump service

Johnson's Pump Service LLC offers a full range of water well services. With 24-hour emergency services, we can be ready in any situation, whether it is an overflowing well or a pump that isn't working right. Serving the area all around Humansville, we can service industrial, agricultural and commercial facilities, along with performing well pump service for home properties. We can work with any type of water systems, as well as servicing pump related equipment.
Maintenance of a well pump

Maintenance and repairs

Well pump repair can be either be difficult and time consuming, or efficient and painless. We prefer the latter. For repair, installation or a full replacement of a well pump system, we sell water well and pump supplies and equipment. Everything comes with a strong warranty. In any situation - be it agricultural, industrial or residential - our team has the experience and expertise to fix or install any water well or pump system at a price that won't break the bank.
Replaced water pump


When your well pump or water system is beyond repair, sometimes it's more cost effective and more efficient to replace it. We will not only sell you a new and reliable system will all necessary parts, but we'll do the installation for you as well. With 24-hour emergency service, you don't necessarily have to wait. As soon as all parts and equipment are available we can do the installation and get your system back up and running. Our products are up-to-date with industry standards, and our suppliers are the best out there.
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